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Product Security Policy

Product Security Policy

September 30, 2022
Canon Inc. (“we”, “our” or “us”) will follow industry best practices to continuously improve product security levels and to provide our customers with highly secure products.
This policy applies to products and services designed and developed by us (“Products”).

1. Legal Compliance

We will comply with the product security laws and regulations of each country and region.

2. Framework

We have established a system to ensure product security and implement reasonable security measures. These use formulated product security standards based on the requirements of major standards and guidelines. We designed and developed product and service security based on these standards.

3. Technical Measures

We carry out vulnerability inspections as deemed necessary before releasing Products and strive to ensure the Products contain no vulnerabilities. After release, in accordance with our “Vulnerability Disclosure Policy”, we will collect information on vulnerabilities relevant to the Products, and will provide reasonable security measures when deemed necessary and disclose the vulnerability information.

4. Providing Information

Security levels can only be maintained through the proper use of the Products with appropriate security measures. We will provide security alerts and other information when deemed necessary.
Further clarification can be located in the “Vulnerability Disclosure Policy”.

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